Adopt a dog

What if you were to make a change this coming Easter and, instead of eating a lamb, you adopted a dog?  Here are some of the benefits of adopting a dog versus eating a lamb:

1.  Our dogs are not taken from their mothers and don’t cry for them as they are dragged to the slaughterhouse. On the contrary, they are very glad to have a home and will even care for the lambs in it (see photo).

2. Having a dog decreases your risk of having a heart attack by half (according to the American Heart Association), while eating a lamb significantly increases it because of the high cholesterol content of lamb meat.

3. The lamb will not jump out of the oven to fetch your newspaper or to sleep on your feet, mainly because it is dead.

4. Lamb stake can’t help you pick someone up at the park

5. The silence of a lamb is scarier than a dog’s bark. P.S. If you can’t adopt, we would very grateful to you if you at least donated.