Black and beautiful male dog

They say many dogs lower their gaze when you look them in the eyes. Not Raven. Raven is one of those dogs that have human-like eyes and such an intense gaze that they seem to look straight into your soul. He never lowers his gaze. On the contrary, humans might be the ones to do so. Because Raven’s gentle and sad eyes seem to blame all of humans’ sins and shortcomings on you. In Raven’s eyes, one can see all the suffering he’s been through, starting with the day he was hit by a car while he was still a puppy, but also all the joys he’s had since we rescued him and accommodated him in our shelter. In his eyes, you can see all the people he has ever hated and all the people he has ever loved. If you look into his eyes, you’ll know how much he could love you. All you have to do is come to the shelter to get him. We’ll give him to you for free, like we do with all the other dogs, with a health card and all his vaccinations done, although he is more beautiful than any pure breed dog.