Why would someone set a dog on fire? Why would someone let a dog burn?

One of these two things happened to Scarface. Maybe both.

He was barely alive when we found him. He had serious burns all over his body, especially on his head.

Since then, he has come so close to dying so many times, that he may have even wished he was dead at times. But death didn’t come for him, only a prolonged suffering. We have tried our best to be at his side and comfort him.

Now, the suffering is over. Scarface is ready to start over. He is ready to forget what happened to him. But forgetting is not easy when you come so close to dying in a fire.

Scarface can certainly understand what people undergoing such tragic accidents go through. We can’t. We would like to find a kind person to help him get over all this. We would like to help him forget and we need your help for that.