Do you believe in dog soulmates? We’re not brothers and sisters. We just met the other day. We were rescued from different situations less than a week apart. But when we met each other, at the shelter, we knew we were meant to be together. We don’t know any brothers and sisters who get along as well as we do. We play, eat and sleep together, warming each other and resting our heads on one another.

We are two boys and a girl (the white one) and we have so much positive energy that we could bring happiness not to a family, but to a whole apartment building or even a little town. We are the answer to that philosophical question dating back several thousand years: how can a man be happy? Well, some people have found that we, dogs, are the answer to that question. An answer that was right before their eyes the whole time.

One thing would make us happier than we are now: finding a family to offer us (each of us or all three of us) at least half the love we have to offer. A home of our own. A warm place to sleep and snuggle in. A new and better life, like we deserve. Do you believe in dog soulmates? We do. And we believe that dogs and humans can be soulmates, as well. We would like you to be our soulmates.