"Thanks to animals,
we smile every day."

More than 500 dogs have been rescued and are cared for every day in Speranța Shelter.
Help us give them a chance at a better life!


We've been rescuing stray dogs since 2001

Speranța Shelter came into being in April 2001 with the rescue of more than 300 dogs from a public shelter that were to be euthanized following the decision of the Bucharest mayor at the time. For more than two decades, we have done everything in our power for the good of our silent friends, especially for abandoned and suffering dogs.

We now house about 500 dogs rescued from the street or from various situations – borderline. Of these, 7 are paraplegics (they receive special care and move around with the help of prams) and about 220 are seniors, i.e. they are over 12 years old. For all our dogs, we make every effort to ensure the best care during their stay in the shelter. We give them as much love, care and dedication as we are able.

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Together we can make a difference!


Any amount, no matter how small, means a lot to us. Help us continue to provide shelter and care for homeless dogs.

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Our dogs need your help.

Choose to adopt a dog from the shelter and give them a chance at a better life.


Our shelter is equipped to high standards

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the donations we received, we were able to equip our shelter to meet the care needs of 500 dogs. In recent years our shelter has undergone an extensive process of reconstruction and refurbishment to provide our four-legged residents with the best possible living conditions.

Thus, we have refurbished and reconditioned 105 paddocks of different sizes according to the needs of the dogs, 6 of which are heated and occupied by sensitive senior dogs. We have set up 4 playgrounds with mini swimming pools, trampolines, agility track, fountain, sand pit and dog running area.

We have 2 medical clinics equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, one of which is dedicated to surgery and a physiotherapy clinic for dogs with locomotor problems equipped with a pool with band and water. The shelter also has a special room for paraplegic dogs, each with its own room and wheelchair.

Without your help all this would not have been possible.

Support Speranța Shelter with a donation today and help us further our mission to provide shelter, food and care for homeless dogs.


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Anyone can help, even if they have no medical experience or knowledge.