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When life gives you unpaved roads, go off-road! Especially if you have the right wheels…

That’s the motto of Anișoara, our paraplegic girl rescued and brought all the way from Timișoara.

Although she has already been with us for 3 months, we still don’t know for sure if Anișoara will be able to walk without wheels one day. But we are working with her and, as you can see, the poor thing is using her hind legs for a while. But when we don’t put the training wheels on, she stumbles and falls, a sign that she still has work to do in our physiotherapy practice.

Any donations or even messages of support for Anișoara are welcome!


What shall we start with?

Let’s go with the bad one: when the MRI was done to find the spinal problems, Anișoara was found to have a tumor in her spinal cord. As the location makes a biopsy almost impossible, we decided to keep her under observation and give her a generic and conservative treatment. We will monitor her.

The good news? There’s a good chance that she’ll walk again! Together with the doctors, we have decided to make her an intermediate, “supportive” (as we call it) stroller. This means that the wheels won’t do all the work for Anișoara’s back legs, but just provide support for her walking. A bit like training wheels for a bicycle.

And the even better news is that Anișoara is using her stroller with great ambition and walking more and more, using her back legs, every day. At this rate, the chances of her leg muscles and functionality recovering increase considerably.

Thank you all for your interest, support and dedication!

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Anișoara can get another chance

We found out about Anișoara’s case from a lady in Timișoara who sent us a desperate message. She had found an abandoned dog paralyzed in the back. She learned from some children in the neighborhood that she had been crawling around in that condition for about two months, desperately, after anyone who showed her a little attention.

The lady begged us to do something for the dog, and we couldn’t remain indifferent, so Anișoara came to us on the eve of Saint Nicholas.

Detailed tests followed, which brought us one good and several bad news. Anișoara’s spine is not broken or irreparably damaged. The problem, however, is the torn ligaments and pelvis and the atrophied muscles in her back legs.

She will undergo surgery, but it won’t solve her walking problem. We hope that that will be solved by her and our staff’s Sisyphean work afterwards in our physiotherapy clinic.

We need your financial and moral support. Anișoara is a young dog, about a year and a half old, and deserves that we fight for her full recovery. She is a puppy desperate to get something she probably never got: affection and attention. She sticks to you like a postage stamp and would stay there incessantly. We have grown to genuinely love her and need your help to see her rescue through to the end. We even very much hope to make her an adoptable dog because she is also endlessly beautiful.

Be an Ambassador of Hope

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The Speranța Shelter Foundation was founded in 1996 by Florina Tomescu and, since its inception, has contributed decisively to the welfare of animals in Romania, especially abandoned and suffering dogs.

On the night of 18.04.2001, the staff of the Speranța Foundation, together with the Vier Pfoten Romania team, rescued 300 dogs from the city hall shelters, dogs that would otherwise have fallen victim to the new euthanasia law. It was a real act of mass rescue at a terrible time for both animals and animal lovers.

The dogs at Speranța were rescued from the streets or from various life-threatening situations. Our shelter is home to about 500 dogs. Of these, 7 are paraplegics (they receive special care and are moved around with the help of prams) and about 200 are seniors, i.e. over 12 years old. We have a lot of older dogs in the shelter, but we are constantly trying to find families for them.

The Speranța Foundation is working hard to find adopters for the dogs in the shelter, including offering the possibility of distance adoption. Speranța Foundation is constantly organising events to promote adoptions and to raise awareness of the responsibility we all have towards animals.

Every year, the team from Speranța Shelter conducts sterilization programs for dogs and cats with owners, a pro bono project for those interested.

Speranța Shelter relies entirely on private donations to care for its more than 500 dogs each year and to fund all of its programs. The shelter’s monthly maintenance costs amount to more than €20,000.

In addition to maintenance expenses, we continually need financial support to improve the living conditions of the dogs by providing them with a clean, safe and loving environment. The shelter has been constantly upgraded, the paddocks have been rebuilt to be more comfortable and welcoming for their residents, 4 playgrounds have been created for the dogs, the 2 medical clinics have been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Speranța Shelter is also actively involved in campaigns to promote adoptions and to educate and raise awareness of the responsibility we all have towards animals, in order to prevent abandonment and acts of cruelty towards them.

For more information on the work of the shelter, visit the About Us page

Any contribution, no matter the amount, can make a difference in the lives of many animals. Here are a few reasons why you should consider donating monthly:

Continuous support:
Monthly donations provide a stable income stream for the foundation, which allows for long-term planning and implementation of actions for the good of the dogs.

Save time and effort:
Setting up a monthly donation is an efficient way to contribute without having to remember to do it every month.

Personal Satisfaction:
Regular donation gives you the feeling of actively contributing to an important cause and having a direct impact on the lives of animals.

Sustainability of the activity:
A steady stream of monthly donations can help the shelter weather tough times and continue to do valuable work.


We need your help to treat Anișoara.

With your donations we will do everything possible to make her walk again.

Your donations can give Anișoara a new chance.

We need your help to treat Anișoara.

With your donations we will do everything possible to make her walk again.

Your donations can give Anișoara a new chance.

On behalf of the animals at Speranța Shelter,
thank you for any contribution!

On behalf of the animals at Speranța Shelter, thank you for any contribution!