Choose to do good from afar

Don’t have the time, schedule and space to get a dog, but still want to do a good deed? How about a dog that’s formally yours, but you don’t have to take care of at all? At Speranța Shelter you have the option of remote adoption. If you can’t have a dog by your side, you can have one in your heart that you can call your own.

Although the situation is not ideal, as the dog in question would remain in the shelter, a monthly donation made for a dog is an extremely important help for that dog, for others and for all of us at Speranța.

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How to adopt remotely

You choose the dog, you decide the amount and the period. Our policy is to give you the freedom to decide both the period of the long distance adoption and the amount you will donate regularly to support your favourite dog.

We don’t want you to feel constrained, because we know that pressure and constraints are not good for love, and we would like to offer you exactly that: a love story, be it a long-distance one. You can build a special bond by visiting your adopted dog during the shelter’s public hours. And, obviously, if you decide to take the big step of taking it home at some point, you’ll have priority in adopting that dog.

Choose your dog

Choose the dog you want and fill in the details in the fields below to submit your adoption request. You will then receive by email the adoption form signed and completed by us.

Support adoption with a monthly payment

Make your first monthly donation payment by the method of your choice. For payment on account, include the mention "monthly donation 'dog's name' ".

You now have a new family member

That's it, you are now officially a long-distance adopter of your chosen puppy.

Adoption form

Choose the puppy you want to adopt remotely