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Physical adoption is what we want to happen to all the dogs in the shelter. We consider our rescue mission complete only when we succeed in finding a home, a loving family for all the dogs we rescue. We say they don’t belong in the shelter, they only have a temporary home here until they get “home”.

But the decision to adopt a dog is a big responsibility and we want to make sure, above all, that adopters understand what it means to have a dog. There are people who adopt puppies and when they grow up or realise they don’t have the time or financial resources to care for them, they abandon them.

While it may be tempting for many to have a playful little dog around, adopting a puppy comes with a lot of responsibility. That’s because a dog is not a toy, it’s a creature we commit to caring for when we pick it up from an animal shelter or other places.

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Adopting a dog from the shelter is a big decision, involving a lot of responsibility and possibly even a lot of discomfort, as he settles into what will be a totally new and foreign space.

That’s why it’s important to interact as much as you can with your favourite dog beforehand, to make sure they feel as much love towards you, but most of all to make sure you can provide them with what they need, at the cost of giving up your own comfort often. Nothing breaks a puppy’s heart more than being taken from the shelter to what they think is their new home, and then being brought back.

So, if you want to adopt, the first step is to contact the shelter staff and set up a visit using the attached form. If you are unsure about your choice, don’t hesitate to ask our staff for advice and help, as it is very important that your new friend is compatible in personality and character with your lifestyle.

When you arrive at the shelter, make sure you also have an ID card with you, as adoptions are only made on the basis of an adoption contract.

You should also know that we prepare all our puppies for adoption. They are all microchipped to ensure proper identification, treated for protection against both internal and external parasites, vaccinated and spayed/neutered for a long and happy life. You will receive your dog’s health booklet and also advice, which will ease the process of integrating the new member into your family.

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