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In our blog you can read news about our activities, but also articles with useful information and practical tips about dog behaviour, adoption and breeding.


Dogs’ sight

Vision is a sense that reaches its optimal anatomical and functional level only at 4 months of age. By this age, the puppy’s vision is blurred, and if you start pre-training earlier than this age,

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Fill the void in your life

If we were to make a list of things that large masses of people enjoy, dogs and football would certainly be among them. That’s why we were delighted to join the CJ Ilfov Animal Protection

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Dogs’ hearing

The hearing and mobility of the dog’s ears allow it to scan the environment and locate sounds. A dog’s ear has a complex structure made up of nerves, cartilage and small bones which, working together

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Behavioural problems of dogs

Behaviour problems are unwanted displays or reactions of some dogs in certain situations. They are not necessarily directly related to whether or not a dog has completed a training programme. The causes of behavioural problems

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