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Dogs’ smell

Smell is a sense that is 40 times more developed in dogs than in humans.

Did you know:

  • Dogs’ scent is thousands of times stronger than humans’, and that’s because they have over 220 million olfactory receptors, while we have only 5 million.
  • No matter how clean you are and no matter how many soaps, deodorants or perfumes you use, your body gives off smells that your dog will always recognise.
  • You can’t hide your moods from your dog. Studies show that the likelihood of your dog smelling fear, anxiety and even sadness is quite high.
  • Why do dogs smell each other in the anus area? That way there’s a good chance they’ll learn the full history of the paws they encounter.
  • When they sniff something, dogs don’t just get one piece of information, but the whole story. They can smell pheromones, which are not only found in urine and faeces, but also on skin or fur. Thus, they can figure out many things about a human or another dog, including whether it is male or female, what they have eaten, where they have been, what they have touched, whether they are ready to mate, whether they have recently given birth or had a false pregnancy, what mood they are in, etc. This means that when the dog smells a human, a tree that a dog has urinated on or a chair that someone has sat on, they get a whole story, they don’t just encounter a single scent.

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