When s-someone passes in front of Cici’s paddock, her darling puts herself in this position and turns into a stone pillar. Or, well, fur, because that sounds better. She doesn’t move a muscle except for her eyes to watch what you’re about to do.

All Cici hopes for, and tries in her own way to provoke, is a little petting. She loves to be petted and it’s not until she’s touched by a human hand that she starts to move again, though word comes that it’s a movement – more like slowly creeping towards the ground, her eyes fixed and her brain seemingly frozen with such ecstasy.

Cici is 13 and not really hoping for an adoption, although we sometimes feel that no one deserves one more than she does. But she hopes to receive these delightful cuddles and asks you to visit her when you can, if you would like to offer them.

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