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Scarlet is a purebred puppy (we won’t mention her breed, it doesn’t seem important) whose owner died and she was left alone in a village near Bucharest. Unfortunately, despite her pure breed, once she ended up on the street she never had any luck with another family. On the contrary, she was driven away and oppressed, beaten and scared.

We barely managed to rescue her and, as much as it hurt us especially, it was no other way but by tranquilization beforehand. Admittedly, it may have played a part in her banishment, but also in the enormous fear of humans, that poor Scarlet had just given birth. And she didn’t give birth to 2-3 puppies, but… 11! Yes, you read that right, eleven puppies and all 12, her and the babies, were rescued and brought to Speranța shelter.



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Scarlet and her 11 puppies are safe in the shelter

It’s never easy with so many “kids,” but Scarlet had a much harder time than that. She gave birth to all 11 of them on the street, where people shunned her, feared her, wished her harm. Somehow, Scarlet managed on her own. Alone she gave birth to her 11 puppies, and alone she managed to take care of each one, feed them, protect them, love them. We marvel to this day at how well she managed in those harsh conditions.

Once we arrived at the shelter, our first concern was that Mom was physically and emotionally distressed, so we did our best to protect Scarlet and take over her duties while putting her on intensive rehab. Poor thing was in a sorry state, skin and bones, probably hadn’t eaten for days when we found her.

As the puppies were only a few days old, they needed a little more time with their mother, so we set up their crib together in a room isolated from the rest of the shelter. They were all tested and we made sure they were not carrying any specific diseases, especially as they came from an unsanitary environment.

The puppies grow up and Scarlet regains trust in people

Finally having a place where she felt safe and could breathe, Scarlet seemed to finally be able to experience the joy of motherhood. At first fearful, then slowly, she became confident and even friendly with everyone. You know that great saying from Dune, the movie everyone’s been talking about: “When you have limited resources, fear is the only thing you have left.” Scarlet had been too afraid to really enjoy her pups and life with them. Now that she was increasingly relaxed, we could see her thriving. She loved her pups with a gentle, rounded intensity. She never failed for a moment to be affectionate with them, and they truly felt loved and lucky.

Slowly, their appetite grew like Prince Charming’s from one hour to the next. We put them on “starters”, special food formulas for puppies a few weeks old, and in parallel we fed them with bottles to relieve their mother who was coping more and more with them as they grew up. When they were a month old they were all vaccinated and microchipped and we started preparing them for adoption.

Once we got Scarlet on her feet, we spayed her and made sure this “round” of 11 puppies was the last of her life. From now on, she could focus on what really matters.



Mission accomplished: Scarlet and her 11 puppies were adopted

We promoted the story of Scarlet and the 11 puppies on all our Social Media channels, which helped us on the one hand through donations, to manage to care for them all properly and on the other hand to find them all loving families. And we succeeded in everything we set out to do, in a very short time all 11 puppies left the shelter one by one with their new owners who saw and loved them in our posts.

A lovely young family fell hopelessly in love with our dear Scarlet and, after several visits to the shelter, during which time they gradually befriended each other, joyfully adopted Scarlet, writing the happiest ending to our heroic mother’s story.


We were very happy to be able to make all these things possible for Scarlet and her
11 cuddly little puppies. Not alone, but with you, as usual.

We were very happy to be able to make all these things possible for Scarlet and her
11 cuddly little puppies. Not alone, but with you, as usual.

Thank you for being with us, together
we are making the world a better place!

Thank you for being with us, together we are making the world a better place!