We found out about Anișoara’s case from a lady in Timișoara who sent us a desperate message. She had found a dog paralyzed in the back and abandoned. She found out from some children in the neighbourhood that it had been crawling around for about two months, desperately, after anyone who showed it any attention.

An MRI scan to find problems with her spine found a tumour in her spinal cord. As the location makes a biopsy almost impossible, we decided to keep her under observation and administer a generic and conservative treatment. We will monitor her.

The good news? There’s a good chance that she’ll walk again! Together with the doctors, we have decided to make her an intermediate, “supportive”, as we call it. This means that the wheels won’t do all the work for Anișoara’s back legs, but just provide support for her walking. A bit like training wheels for a bicycle.

And the even better news is that Anișoara is using her stroller with great ambition and walking more and more, using her back legs, every day. At this rate, the chances of her leg muscles and functionality recovering increase considerably.

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