Luna is about 8 years old. She spent most of them on the street, somewhere in Pantelimon neighbourhood, with two friends with whom she formed a pack. The other two friends died and Luna was left alone. Out of grief and longing, perhaps, she began to bark loudly and even growl at certain upset citizens. Someone called the pound. Fortunately, she came to us.

Luna is a girl “anointed with all the trimmings” of the street. She has that intelligence, but also that wisdom, typical of a dog that has stood on its own in unfriendly Bucharest for so long. That means she’s a VERY adoptable dog, because that means she’s a very adaptable dog.

If Luna has adapted so well to an unnatural life for a dog, alone on the street, then she will adapt just as well to any decent family she can find. Let’s just give her that chance.

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