Lupa is a German Shepherd mix and she is a wonderful dog. Soft and protective, gentle and generous, she has grown accustomed to being a mother to all the puppies in the shelter, whether small or even bigger. The more orphaned, confused and frightened someone is, the closer Lupa gets to them and strives to give them the security and warmth that she really is full of.

But Lupa gets too little for herself. She’s already 10 years old and it breaks our hearts to see her still in the shelter. Such a special and good dog deserves a family of her own and we are asking you from the bottom of our hearts to give her as many shares as possible, maybe someone will do for her what she is already doing for all the lost souls.

If you can’t give Lupa a home, you can at least remote adopt her. For a monthly fee set by you, she’ll be your shelter dog, you’ll get priority visits and walks, and you’ll receive constant updates on her.

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