Negrilă's Story

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Negrilă comes to us with less than 1% chance of survival

Negrilă is one of our shelter’s heroes. He was brought to us by some friends, many years ago, in a very, very serious condition, run over by a train. His chances of survival were less than 1%. However, fate wanted otherwise for Negrilă, so today he is not only alive, but one of the happiest, friendliest and most sociable dogs we have ever known.




Negrilă or the Puzzle Dog

We used to call Negrilă the puzzle dog, because he had gone through four complicated operations, in which we felt like we had put him back together again. But all the bits and pieces have fit together and have really taken a liking to each other, because today Negrilă is already a big, happy piece of love. We fought for his life with tenacity and great dedication, believing to the end in that small chance of survival.

After the operations, long physiotherapy sessions followed in which, with hard work and a lot of help, little by little, Negrilă began to get up and learned to walk again.

Today he can walk again, only his gait is a little awkward. He throws his feet in all directions when he walks, kind of like Elaine’s dance from Seinfeld, if you know it. He’s not exactly the most graceful dog, but he’s unique, affectionate and unbelievably funny.



After 8 years in the shelter, Negrilă has come home

About 7-8 years. That’s how long Negrilă waited between being hit by a train near Șelimbăr and being adopted, almost miraculously, by a wonderful family in the Netherlands.

As you can see, Negrilă already has a new friend, supposedly a puppy, but who at the moment doesn’t seem quite sure whether he’s a toy or not. Soon he will, we hope, realise that he is part of the family and that there is nothing to play with like real love. Keep your fingers crossed for Negrilă!


Negrilă is one of our success stories that motivates us to continue our mission. Only with your help, however, can we write others, just as miraculous.

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