Xena's Story

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Xena came to us paralyzed on her backside

Xena was hit by a car in Tecuci and left on the road, paralysed on her back. She held on as best she could, behind all the slowing cars, eager for a pat and, frightened, perhaps a little protection.

A friend of ours saw her, stopped, picked her up and brought her to us. From now on, Xena was safe in our hands. Not just ours, the shelter’s, but all of ours, the Speranța community.

Xena quickly convinced us that she wanted to live. We called her Xena because she’s a fighter. Not fighting for her life necessarily, because a life without legs isn’t exactly desirable. Xena, like any dog, fights mostly for love.




Successful surgery in Speranța shelter

We started with an MRI, crucial to Xena’s fate. According to our veterinarians’ estimates, there was a small chance that Xena could still recover. We were extremely happy when the MRI confirmed the vets’ estimates! Xena really was brave and really deserved her name.

So we mobilized too. Xena was successfully operated on in our shelter by Dr. Diana Chirilă. She couldn’t walk yet, but by now we were sure it was up to her. To be more precise, she had no severed spinal cord and no displaced fractures pressing on her spine, so it all depended on her willingness to work in our physiotherapy clinic.

Our community supported her both morally through good thoughts or prayers, but also physically through donations.

Recovery training

Xena has made a promising start to her walking training. Because miracles happen, but never overnight, never without consistency, never without knowing what you’re doing, and of course never without people to make it happen. As Aristotle rightly observed in the old days, whatever moves in the universe does not move by itself, but must have someone or something moving it. So we have continued to move the masterless animal world for the better, this time through long sessions of kinesiology and physiotherapy.

Xena has benefited from the community’s encouragement. Because, you see, Xena didn’t like water. Water is a central element in our physiotherapy clinic. Walking on the treadmill, through the liquid, stimulates proper posture and muscle function and has already saved a few puppies. It was also going to save Xena, even though we knew she would remain quite sulky throughout the whole process.

Group Xena


Back on her feet

And the sun came out on Xena’s alley! Two months after we found her crawling in two paws after every passing car, Xena stood again on her own two feet.

It’s been a tough few months, during which she went through major surgery on her pelvis and hind legs, plus countless physiotherapy sessions. But Xena fought and won, with our help, but especially yours.

And to make for a truly happy ending to the story, after making a full recovery, Xena was adopted. And from how much happiness we read in the pictures, we have every confidence that this relationship, unlike others, will last until the inevitable and natural end.

We wish them much happiness and we are grateful to everyone, the donors and Xena especially, that this miracle happened much faster than we imagined possible.

Xena adoptata

Xena has been given another chance thanks to your generosity.

Your donations can help us save more innocent souls.

Thank you for any contribution!