13 years old. That’s Sara’s age, but also how long  she has been in the shelter. She begged us with her eyes and whimpers to tell you so:

“I’m old and it’s hard for me, my bones all ache, but my soul hurts the most. It hurts that I have not come to know my human. It hurts me that my luck has not been as good as it has been for so many of my friends with whom I have shared the shelter. It hurts that I go to bed alone, in the dark and the cold, behind bars, and wake up like this. If you can do something to stop it hurting so much, I would be very grateful.”

And if you’re wondering what you can do for Sara, it’s simple: either come to the shelter and go straight home with her, or at least adopt her remotely and tell her, even from afar, that someone loves her and wants the best for her.

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