Speranța Foundation is home to approximately 600 dogs

Speranța Foundation was established in 1996 and, for over two decades, we have done everything in our power to help our friends that cannot speak for themselves, especially abandoned and suffering dogs.

The shelter itself has been functional since 2001. The decision to create a shelter was taken in the heat of the moment, during the week when Bucharest’s mayor at the time, Mr. Traian Băsescu, ordered that all stray dogs be killed. Since then, we have been doing everything in our power to save as many lives as possible. Once we save dogs, we try to offer them a more quiet and decent life than the one they had before ending up in our shelter.

Our first action was a mass rescue mission: on April 18th, 2001, at night, the staff of Speranța Foundation along with Vier Pfoten Romania’s team rescued 300 dogs from the city hall’s shelters, dogs that would have otherwise become victims of the new euthanasia law. Most of those dogs were with us until the end of their lives. They lived happy lives and were surrounded by love, friendship and respect. Around 20 of those veterans are still alive. They are our special seniors and we take very good care of them and love them as if they were some old friends whom, through some amazing characteristic of time, we have gotten to see turn from children to adults and then to very old individuals.

Aside from the pensioners, at our shelter there are 8 paraplegic dogs (each one has a special wheelchair) that lead normal lives, with daily walks and a lot of attention from our staff. Thanks to an important sponsor that wishes to remain anonymous, our new veterinary clinic, that includes a physiotherapy area, allows for the partial or total recovery of the less serious cases of dogs with spine injuries.

We are greatly indebted to all of the friends who have helped us over the years: Vier Pfoten, the E.T.N foundations (Germany), Brigitte Bardot, Friends of Animals and the thousands of volunteers and donors who, despite their limited financial strength, are extremely important to us because they give us the power to dedicate ourselves every day to the dogs that others have forgotten. We thank you!

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