1. Donate online

Simple and safe!


Any sum, no matter how small, means a lot to us. It’s not just money. It’s a way of supporting and encouraging us to continue our work.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Hundreds of hearts.

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2. Redirect 3,5% of your income tax

Your budget will not be affected because this money is going to the state treasury anyway.


They give you 100% of their hearts. Give them at least 3,5% of your income tax.

Fill in Form 230 with Speranța Foundation’s information and help us help them.

pentruanimale.ro, our new partners

We’re constantly interested in having quality food for our dogs. Often times, though, our budget is too small to afford it. So do a good deed with a direct impact: buy a dog food bag from pentruanimale.ro and the respective bag will be delivered directly to us, thanks to our new partners.

3. Donate to our bank account

Any amount is welcome.


Here are the accounts of our association:

LEI account: RO47 RNCB 0289 1215 4485 0001
EURO account: RO20 RNCB 0289 1215 4485 0002
USD account: RO90 RNCB 0289 1215 4485 0003
SWIFT code: RNCB RO BU C.I.C 12154485
B.C.R – Lujerului branch

4. Donate goods

Any help is always welcome.

  • Dry or wet food (1 kg) – 25 lei
  • 50 nails – approximately 5 lei
  • Roof foil (1 piece) – 40 lei
  • 1 cubic meter of timber – 500 lei
  • Wire fence (1 piece) – 100 lei


For more information about donations, please contact by email or phone one of the persons below: